The Tribute Show: Does NZ Need Its Own Version? – A Full Review

tribute - The Tribute Show: Does NZ Need Its Own Version? - A Full ReviewWhen it comes to paying tribute to something or someone, nothing beats tribute music bands, and let alone rock music bands. That’s why The Tribute Show is here to blow people’s minds away with catchy and memorable tunes. However, not everyone knows how the show works or know that all countries should have their own version of the show.

Learn more about The Tribute Show in this article.

What’s The Tribute Show?

Created in 2011 for a local TV broadcasting company, The Tribute Show is an Australian-based TV show where tribute music bands from all over Australia and the world perform. The main catch of the show is to showcase the raw talent of both experienced and aspiring tribute artists and impersonators.

How Does the Show Work?

The show is pretty straightforward, as famous impersonators as Tony C Lewis, Susi Tate, and Bobby Miller have hosted the show over the years. In several places around Australia and other countries, some roving reporters interview the artists before they perform their act in front of an audience.

Tribute bands like The Janis Joplin Show, The Australian Queen Tribute Show, Shed Zepplin, Absolutely Live! The Doors Show, Kisstroyer, and Appetite For Destruction have performed. Aside from that, the hosts of the shows are also tribute artists, showing their love and devotion as Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, and Jerry Lewis impersonators.

Why Does New Zealand need Its Own Version?

Although The Tribute Show showcases the talent of artists from all parts of the world, New Zealand has lost talented people who also want to make a name for themselves. Acts like That 70s Show, The ABBA Show, NZ Bee Gees Tribute Show – The Gee Bees, and even Motel California – Eagles Tribute Band are part of the country’s culture to share.

If you love classic music bands in New Zealand, you can surely agree with us that the country needs its own version of the show.