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The Jim Henson Retrospectacle is all about event marketing and how live shows are carried from start to finish.

The Jim Henson Retrospectacle

Founded in 2012, The Jim Henson Retrospectacle gathers the knowledge and work of a group of expert marketers, TV producers, casting managers, among other talented people. In The Jim Henson Retrospectacle, readers will learn all about basic live events and live-TV show-planning and how to make the most out of supporting orchestras and live audiences.

The Jim Henson Retrospectacle was founded under 3 main pillars: trustworthiness, honesty in the reviews our experts analyse and sharing our passion for event marketing. Also, The Retrospectacle aims to keep alive the memory of beloved music bands and TV-show characters by sharing tribute-related content for everyone.

Planning and producing a typical show program has its own trick, and in The Jim Henson Retrospectacle, you’ll learn how to do it easily.

Learn the perks of using live orchestras, how to use live guests and audiences to your advantage, and more. Also, we have a big section covering everything related to how to market special events that are performed live in front of audiences, online, and on TV.

Discover how to live-stream a high-quality live show amidst the pandemic and boost your event marketing strategies by implementing some of the tricks our experts share.

The Jim Henson Retrospectacle is for all of you. After all, our readers are whom we do this for. Also, we plan small live music shows all over New Zealand to share the music of classic rock bands like KISS, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Guns and Roses, and more.

Come and join the fun. Find lots of content that’ll keep you entertained and informed about live TV shows in and outside the country and become part of the community. The Jim Henson Retrospectacle invites you to contact us and interact with us to share thoughts and new article ideas.

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